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Jan 2016

Moab Taiko Seeks Practice Space

For nearly four years, Moab Taiko Dan has been practicing taiko drumming, conducting classes and workshops, instructing school children, and storing equipment at the old senior center at the east end of 100 North. Now, increased use of that building by County personnel has the performing group searching for a new home.

The group has received notice of cancellation of their contract with the County and must vacate the premises no later than February 1. While the group is grateful for a temporary arrangement to use the Middle School band room for practice, some of their needs cannot be met by that facility.

“We have very specific needs for our practice space,” said Moab Taiko Dan practice leader Vicki Webster. A large room at least 40’ x 40’ with high ceilings for practicing, secure storage for instruments and other equipment, and soundproofing or a location where neighbors will not be disturbed are all critical needs. Ample space for drum construction and equipment maintenance is also a concern.

Over its 21-year existence, the group has practiced in the old HMK multi-purpose room, the basement of the Center Street gym, the High School band room, a building owned by Canyonlands Natural History Association, and, now the old senior center. In every case, the arrangement with the building owners and other occupants has worked for awhile, but not for the long-term.

“Whenever we’ve moved, we have hoped for a permanent home, but it just never has worked out,” Webster said. The non-profit group lacks the financial resources to build or purchase an appropriate facility. They have been able to pay a small monthly fee for use of shared facilities but cannot afford the cost of monthly rent.

In its two decades of instructing, practicing, and performing the Japanese art of taiko drumming, the group has provided many community services. Public performances have been offered free of charge for fundraising events for other non-profits and worthy causes; visiting Japanese and American artists have presented spectacular concert performances; and the group regularly drums for half marathon runners, bicycle racers, and the Moab Arts Festival over Memorial Day weekend. Moab Taiko Dan has sponsored after-school instruction for Moab youth for over 12 years, introducing hundreds of local students to the discipline and art of taiko drumming. In addition, dozens of adults have participated in beginner workshops and weekly instruction.

The group is asking for help from the community. “If anyone knows of a potential space that is both appropriate to our needs and low cost, we would very much appreciate hearing about it,” Webster said. She can be reached at 259-8037, you can message Moab Taiko Dan through their Facebook page, or the group can be reached at
Moab Taiko Dan
Moab Taiko Dan is a non profit (501c3) organization founded in 1994.