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Sensei Tiffany Tamaribuchi of Sacramento Taiko Dan Coming to Moab

Sensei Tiffany Tamaribuchi of Sacramento Taiko Dan will be coming to Moab the last weekend in October (26th-28th), in order to conduct a 4-session workshop series.  Moab Taiko Dan (MTD) is delighted to host this event, and wants to include you and your friends.  All workshop sessions will be held at the MTD Dojo, aka the "old senior center," at 450 East 100 North.  Please let me know if you can provide hospitality accommodations for visiting drummers.  Here's all the pertinent information about the workshops:

BEGINNER WORKSHOP SESSION:  Tiffany will conduct one introductory workshop session.  This session will be held on SATURDAY, Oct. 27th from 9am - 12:30pm.   Though the workshop is geared toward those with NO TAIKO EXPERIENCE, all participants are WELCOME regardless of experience level.  It is worth noting that experienced drummers find they also receive invaluable information at Tiffany's 'beginner' sessions.   (I'm planning to attend.)   A simple 'flyer' is attached for Tiffany's Beginner Workshop, suitable for printing and posting around town (or your office or dojo bulletin board).   Please help spread the word!

:  Tiffany will be working with MTD on form~style~spirit~and more, during the additional 3 workshop sessions.  Each session is two-and-a-half hours long.  Everyone will benefit from the skill sets offered, however, it is important to NOTE:  as with many taiko songs currently taught in workshops, the specific songs taught during these workshops cannot be performed without permission from the composer, which in this case is Tiffany. MDT has requested continued Odaiko instruction, using an original composition entitled "Umami."  Tiffany will utilize another of her compositions, “Kokorozashi,” for instruction in other sessions.  

Intermediate sessions are scheduled as follows:
FRIDAY,  Oct. 26th:  5:30pm - 8pm 
SATURDAY, Oct. 27th:  2 - 5pm
SUNDAY, Oct. 28th:  9am - noon

WORKSHOP COSTS:  The cost for the BEGINNER WORKSHOP is $40.  The cost for INTERMEDIATE SESSIONS is $35 each.
The total charge for those participating in all four sessions is $145.  

MTD members (whether active or inactive) should not hesitate to contact a member of the Executive Board (cc'd above), if they need scholarship support of any kind.  In other words, "We want you there!"
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